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Closed Loop

Our custom “Closed-Loop Flux / Slag Crushing Program” is your assurance against outside contamination. The crushed product returned to you is processed entirely from the slag that you ship to us.

It’s As Simple As 1, 2, 3

1. You ship your used fused flux/slag (slag / chips) to us
2. We process your flux / slag into a premium SAW consumable
3. We ship your crushed flux back to you for reuse

Customizable Options

Your crushed flux granular size can be optimized to improve welding performance.

Our Quality Assurance Program Includes

a. Particle sizing inspections
b. Visual inspections at four different stages of the S.A.W. flux / slag crushing process
c. Moisture tests at regular intervals to ensure the flux does not exceed acceptable levels of moisture content
d. Identification, traceability of slag and crushed flux throughout the crushing process
e. Identification and disposal of nonconforming materials

You receive a quality assurance report for each batch of flux we crush for you

It’s worth checking out!

Why choose “Closed – Loop Crushed Slag” over “Crushed Slag”?

“Crushed Slag” Slag that is generated by one or more fabricator’s from a specific brand, crushed and sold to one or more fabricators (end users), it may also be from a mixture of different types of flux / slag.

“Closed – Loop Crushed Slag” Slag generated by a fabricator from a specific brand of flux under controlled welding conditions and crushed for subsequent reuse by the same fabricator. Closed – Loop Crushed Slag ensure better control of input material by virtue of the inherent partnering of the fabricator with the slag crusher.