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Company History

In 1958, Alfred G. Beck invented the “Closed-Loop S.A.W. Flux / Slag Crushing Process” that Crushes (Reprocess) Submerged Arc Welding (S.A.W.) Flux / Slag, allowing companies using the S.A.W. process to reuse their Slag as a “New Welding Consumable”.

His revolutionary method proved to be money saving, environmentally friendly and less dust producing. By 1963, Alfred was Crushing S.A.W. Flux / Slag fulltime. A native of Canada, Alfred opened Allied Flux, Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Eventually, his sons took over the S.A.W. Flux / Slag crushing business, and brought their father’s discovery to the United States.

Greencastle, PA is now the home of Harbert’s Products, Inc. As the originator of S.A.W. Flux / Slag Crushing or “Reprocessing” technology, Harbert’s has enjoyed tremendous success, due largely to the fact that their service has many positives and no drawbacks. The vision and wisdom of Alfred Beck over 50 years ago undeniably changed the S.A.W. industry forever.

Today, Harbert’s is committed to keeping up with new technologies and advancements, resulting in the highest quality product available.

Alfred G. Beck

Alfred G. Beck
July 17, 1927 – December 11, 2006