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Crushing Benefits

Crushing or Reprocessing S.A.W. slag eliminates the need to dispose of waste flux / slag (chips), thus improving your profit margin.

By having us Crush (reprocess) your used flux “slag” you’ll…

  • Use less new flux
  • Drastically lower your Submerged Arc Welding consumable cost
  • Drastically lower your waste disposal cost
  • Be saving landfill space
  • Be environmentally “Green”

Crushing your flux slag shows that you are an environmentally green company.

Why choose Harbert’s or Allied to be your slag crusher?

  • The industry’s most experienced S.A.W. Slag Crushers (re-processors)
  • Continually improving S.A.W. crushing technology
  • Providing expert technical assistance
  • Providing long term solutions & consistent benefits

You receive a quality assurance report for each lot of flux slag we crush for you.

It’s worth checking out!