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Crushing Methods

Over the years there have been different processes used to crush and reprocess submerged arc welding slag. Those processes are described below.

Hammer Mills

Because hammer mills were not specifically designed to crush S.A.W. slag, they have been replaced over the years with more advanced methods of crushing.

Rotary Cage Mill Pulverizer

This method has gained popularity because of their availability and ease of use. However, because of their pulverizing method, they grind the slag excessively into powder which produces excessive waste and loss of product.

Fused S.A.W. Flux/Slag Crushing Unit

The crushing unit used by Harbert’s Products Inc. was designed and built by A. Beck Enterprises. It was made specifically to crush S.A.W. slag and produces minimal waste that results in less loss of product.

The differences in these crushing methods are listed below.

Hammer Mills Cage Mills Slag Crushing Unit
Readily Available Readily Available Custom Built
No Granular Size Control No Granular Size Control Granular Size Control
Low Production Output Low Production Output High Production Output
No Product Inspection Points No Product Inspection Points Product Inspection Points
Multiple Uses Multiple Uses One Use
Easily Trained Operators Easily Trained Operators Skilled Operators Required