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Collection Process

There are different options for collect the slag at your facility. The options are below.

  • Steel 55 gallon drums with sealable lids: This option is for customers who have a lower usage per year and ship slag to us less frequently. Drums are customer supplied and returned each shipment to the customer.
  • Steel bins supplied by Harbert’s: If a customer has a high usage and ships slag to us on a frequent basis, then Harbert’s supplies steel bins with lids for collecting, storing and shipping the slag. Customers can choose between two bin types. One that is transported by forklift and one that can be transferred by forklift and overhead crane.
Harbert’s supplied bins are approximately 42″ square and 36″ tall. They have feet and legs that enable them to be stacked to save room in your facility.

Single Collection Bin
Stacked Collection Bins

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