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Do Crushed SAW Fluxes Save Money?

YES – Companies can save from 40% to 60% on the cost of buying new flux.

Is Crushing SAW Fluxes Good for the Environment?

YES – Companies that treat slag as a waste have to dispose of it, whether it’s in a landfill site or in their yard area. By crushing your SAW flux/slag you’re not adding to ecological problems that already exist.

Are Crushed SAW Fluxes the Same As New Fluxes?

NO – In most cases there is a minor change in the chemistry of the fluxes. This does not mean that the crushed fluxes aren’t usable, the crushed fluxes may have changed slightly however the “End Weld Deposit” still meets the same requirements as the new flux from which it was generated.

Do Crushed Fluxes Perform As Good As New?

YES – Most of the companies that are using crushed fluxes claim that not only do they flow easier, but they also generate less dust (less flouring).

I’ve Heard That Crushed Fluxes Do Not Produce Good Weld Deposits?

FALSE – Crushed fluxes are tested to the same standards as new fluxes to ensure they are producing quality weld deposits.

Do Governing Welding Codes Allow the Use of Crushed SAW Flux?

YES – The latest additions of AWS; D1.1, D14.1, D15.1, ASME; Section II, Part C, Section IX, AAR, API, & CSA Standard W48, all allow for the use of crushed flux as a Submerged Arc Welding Consumable (wording used by the codes; “crushed slag or recrushed slag”).

With today’s technology, our process of “CUSTOM CLOSED – LOOP” Crushing of SAW fluxes is more precise and continuously produces the premium crushed flux on the market today. You may have tried it years ago using a different slag reclaimer and it didn’t work, or you didn’t get the proper documentation. Its time to try it again but this time using the leader in the SAW crushing industry. Just as the typewriter has evolved into the word processor so has the process of crushing SAW fluxes evolved into a premium reusable SAW welding consumable.