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How to Start Your Crushing Program

Now that you are familiar with a submerged arc welding slag reprocessing program and all of the associated benefits, you may be ready to take steps in establishing a program. Below are the basic steps to get started saving money.

1. Contact Harbert’s products: When you contact Harbert’s we will discuss all of your welding information. At this time, you can request that a representative from Harbert’s come to your facility and review your applications and processes.

2. You will start collecting slag to provide material for a trial run.

3. When you collect enough slag for the trial run it is shipped to Harbert’s.

4. Harbert’s will crush your material per your requirements and our recommendations using our Closed Loop Crushing Process.

5. When the material for the trial run is returned to you, a date will be set up for the Harbert’s representative to come to your facility to assist and witness the trial run.

6. After the trial run, you and the Harbert’s representative will discuss how the trial went and make any adjustments based on the trial results to ensure you are completely satisfied with the product.

7. The Harbert’s representative will then assist you in setting up your collection process at your facility. He can also meet with your shop personnel to help implement the use of reprocessed material into your production plan.