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Third Party Code Testing

Most of the governing welding codes require that each batch / lot of Crushed Flux / Slag or *Crushed Slag be tested to the same requirements of the New Virgin Flux.Harbert’s can provide Classification (AWS, ASME, **CSA) or Qualification (ASME) testing for each lot of Crushed Flux that we process.

If performing this option the following will apply:

All Classification and Qualification Testing for American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) American Welding Society (AWS), and Canadian Standard Association (CSA) code applications are performed by an independent third party testing facility.

Your company receives the original test documents for your records for each lot you crush (reprocess).

* Preferred wording used by the governing codes.

** We are the only S.A.W. Slag Crusher (re-processer) that is audited by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to Crush S.A.W. Slag for use when welding to the CSA code.

*** The third party testing facility is an accredited testing laboratory.

Harbert’s Products testing is performed by: