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Test Lot

The First Step In Becoming Lean & Green

Step 1: Save one 55-gallon drum of slag (chips).

Step 2: Send small sample (1/2 lb.) of your new flux with the test drum.

Step 3: Fill out the Packing Slip

Note: This is a form that can be filled out online. 2 copies will be printed. (One for your shipment, and one for your records.)

Step 4: Ship test drum to us (freight charges prepaid).

Step 5: Once received at our S.A.W. flux / slag crushing facility we will issue it a unique “LOT” number, and enter it into our production schedule.

We Will Perform the Following

  • Perform a sieve test (size), on the sample of new that you have supplied
  • Select appropriate screens and adjust the S.A.W. Flux / Slag Crushing Unit
  • Crush (reprocess) your flux / slag using our “Custom Closed-Loop” crushing program
  • Perform a moisture content test on your crushed flux

Step 6: We will ship back your crushed flux, (freight charges prepaid U.S. only).

Production Reports

Production Reports will be supplied for each Lot Crushed (reprocessed) and they will include:

A) Two-part Production Report, will provide the following information: Your company name, your P.O. number, the date the flux was crushed, lot number, screen size, flux / wire number, net weight, moisture content, nonconforming material (if any) that was found in the slag, and the operators name. The second part of the production report will disclose the batch / lot number, the net weight of the container, the gross weight (crushed flux, container, and pallet).

B) Shipping / Receiving Report, will provide the following information: Your company name, your P.O. number, the date the flux was received, batch/lot number, number and type of container(s), trucking company(s) used and the shipping date.

Step 7: Use your Crushed Flux as you would the New Flux.

Note: If you are welding to any Governing Welding Code (i.e. ASME, AWS, CSA), the test shipment is considered a batch / lot and must be Classified (Tested) to your welding codes requirement.

Collection for the Test Lot


We subject your crushed flux to several areas for magnetic impurity separation and visual inspections, in addition we perform a moisture test. However the most effective way to ensure your crushed flux performs up to your high standards is for you to use care and common sense during collection. In other words keep your slag dry and clean. If you didn’t weld with it, don’t collect it.